What happens when you sign up with Medallion Telecom- the order process


It all starts with: "Thank You For Your Order!" and always ends with "Happy to Help!"

The order process begins when we receive an approved order from you. Upon initial approval of your order documents, an email will be sent to "Thank you for your new order!" from our super friendly sales team. 

You will find them always "Happy to Help!" Matter-of-fact, that's how they sign-off most emails they send. 

We may need a few additional pieces of information (copy of phone bill, etc.) from you to start requesting the transfer and hand-off (we refer to it as porting) of your numbers to Medallion Telecom. 

We work fast and efficiently requesting your numbers from your current carrier. Most of the time we can have you on our voice services within 10-14 days from initial order placement. It really just depends on the losing carrier releasing your number(s) to us.

While we wait for a response, we being programming your customer portal account and customizing your cloud phone system. Oooh, This is the fun part! We hold your hand and are with you each step of the process; helping you create the most customized voice solution you need!

Armed with your specific programming information, the Medallion team will:

  • Provision your phones to work with our service

  • Have our "Voice Over" artist record your Auto-Attendant and Voice Mail Prompts (INCLUDED- NO ADDITONAL FEE)

  • Let you choose the date and time of your port to minimize downtime to your companies working hours (before 9am, after 5pm- NO PROBLEM!)

  • Provide "White Glove" service, arriving at your business location the day of the port, set-up each phone in its proper place (offered to clients in the greater Los Angeles area only- otherwise your phones will be shipped to you or a Medallion Telecom Support Technician will remotely provision your phones)

  • Provide basic user training ON-SITE for your team for a seamless transition (offered to clients in the greater Los Angeles area only)

  • Continue to provide technical support through our Support Channel (our tech support is based in the USA (Pacific Time)

Get a FREE VoIP Network Analysis*

Put the power of our knowledge into your hands! We want you to have a great experience on VoIP. So we suggest letting us complete a VoIP Network Analysis before sign-up. 

This includes testing of your current data cabling, meeting and discussing your current network infrastructure set-up, bandwidth requirements and making recommendations for any equipment upgrades required for a VoIP transition. All for a one-time cost of $99 for this serice.

*We'll credit back to you the one time cost if you use Medallion Telecom as your Voice Provider!