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Most questions can be easily answered by contacting our Support Team. They are really quick on responding to answers and happy to help you out.  Email: support@medalliontelecom.c

How do I?

Get Quick Tips For Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Call forward my phone number to another phone number or extension? After lifting up the handset or depressing the speaker button. Dial *72#, enter the extension number or outside phone number you would like your call forwarded to. Please make sure to enter a 1+(area code)+(phone number). Your calls are now forwarded to this number.

  • Cancel call forward option? After lifting up the handset or depressing the speaker button. Dial *73#. Your calls will now ring on your phone.

  • Access my Voicemail? After lifting up the handset or depressing the speaker button from your phone extension, Dial *98. This will allow you access to listen to your voicemail messages, and record personal greetings.

  • Transfer a call? While engaged in a live call, press the softkey "transfer' button on your Polycom VVX display, dial the extension number or the outside number you would like to transfer to. Once the called recipient answers, press the softkey "transfer" button again to complete the transfer of the call and hang up.